Dialed In Racing SCCA Sponsorship



The New England Region SCCA’s first DialedInRacing.com Club Racing Experience (CRE) is just one month away. We will be on track racing Memorial Day weekend (May 26-27) at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. CRE is a great way to learn to race and earn your regional competition license. If you’ve sampled wheel-to-wheel racing in one of the clunker/junker budget racing series or become addicted to track days (HPDE) and want to take it to the next level, participating in one of four scheduled CRE events this year in New England is perfect for you!

Sponsored by DialedInRacing.com in 2018, the CRE events are a fun and safe place to learn and enjoy the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing. Participating drivers attend mandatory classroom training to learn the rules, study the basics of race craft, and understand the framework of racing events. Interspersed with their classroom sessions, novices drive on track in a lower risk, less aggressive form of wheel to wheel racing to gain experience. For more information about CRE you can look at http://www.ner.org/club-racing-experience/ and feel free to contact chief instructor Peter Morrison (603-493-2109 or MorrisonPeter47@gmail.com) if you have questions.

The first step in any exciting new adventure is always the most difficult one, but it’s easier to start than you might expect. CRE participants must wear all the safety gear licensed competition drivers are required to use. With a grant from SCCA Inc.headquarters in Topeka and local sponsorship from DialedInRacing.com, we have obtained four Pyrotect Helmets and HANS devices for loan to novice drivers participating in the CRE events. A loaner helmet and HANS device is just one of the ways we are helping reduce the cost of experiencing wheel-to-wheel road racing with the New England Region SCCA. The supply is limited, please make your plans to borrow safety gear in advance. If you don’t already have a race car, you’ll also need to borrow, rent or buy a moderately powered and fully caged race car that passes a safety inspection.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @DialedInRacing. SCCA members receive a 10% discount when purchasing safety gear online at https://www.dialedinracing.com/discount/DIRCRE.