About Us

Our mission

Dialed In Racing is focused on encouraging car owners to get out there and race legally and safely. This can be drag racing, drifting, track days, autocross or one of many other motorsports. If you have been thinking about getting into motorsports now is the time. Give us a call and we will help get you ready for your first event.

Who we are

We are just a small group of gear heads with gasoline for blood and engines for brains. We have a passion for cars and pushing them to the very limits. We started Dialed In Racing to share this passion with others in hopes that our skills and knowledge can help others. 

Function over form

Our product collections are carefully selected based on quality and functionality. We only offer products that will help improve your vehicle's driving dynamics and help make you a better and faster driver. The way we see it, if it does not make the car faster or safer, who needs it!